Mandatory documents and records required by IATF 16949:2016

Scope of the quality management system (clause 4.3) Documented process for the management of product safety related products and manufacturing processes (clause Quality policy (clause 5.2) Responsibilities and authorities to ensure that customer requirements are met (clause 5.3.1) Results of risk analysis (clause Preventive action record (clause Contingency plan (clause Quality […]

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subgroup vs sample size

The key is to specify a subgroup size so that significant shifts are detected with high probability and that insignificant shifts are unlikely to produce a signal. SUBGROUP The purpose of a subgroup is to create a set of observations in which the process is relatively stable with controlled variation. For example, we might choose to group […]

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CPk Vs PPk

Cp and Cpk: Two Process Perspectives, One Process Reality Quality Kings 04 July, 2017 It’s usually not a good idea to rely solely on a single statistic to draw conclusions about your process. Do that, and you could fall into the clutches of the “duck-rabbit” illusion shown here: If you fix your eyes solely on […]

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